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Fonki Cheff Q&A

We first became aware of Fonki Cheff through the The Forty Five Kings and his brilliant all 45s mixes. He has just released a brand new mix taking us on a journey through Rumba. 25ThC wanted to know more so asked him a few questions.

How and when did you first get into DJ’ing?

I started to DJ in like 97 or so using my friends equipment , because I didn’t have any money at that time.

You clearly love your 45s. What is it about the format that most appeals to you?

Starting playing 45s was natural to me, I had been in the USA for 7 years and it was easier to bring 45s than it was to carry those heavy 12″ and I also had back problems. I step in to records on Broadway (Sacramento) one of the biggest and craziest 45s shop I’ve ever been.

Where do you go to dig for records?

I dig mostly in flea markets and record shops. I try not to buy much on discogs. Sometimes when I sell some expensive records I also order from Juno (Tons of hip hop 45s lately).

I’m absolutely loving your latest mix. Tell us about Rumba and the artists we need to know about?

Rumba is a heavily influenced style depending on the year. Mid to late 70s got some funk on it, late 70s to early 80s is mostly the disco time. Also compilations like Belter acid rumba & Txarly Brown’s Achilifunk helped to rescue forgotten track’s. I’m super happy skilled DJs from others countries listen to a little rumba, because  it is a genre considered small in comparison with the big Flamenco names and we are just a few people trying to get people to know about it!

Which DJs inspire you?

Back in the days the west coast DJs like Shadow, Chemist and Numark were a heavy influence, but the dj that most influenced me is DJ Koco aka Shimokita. I even changed the way I use headphones watching his videos. To me no doubt the best DJ in the planet now and hoping he comes to Spain!

We are also big big fans of DJ Koco and are looking forward to the day we can see him perform live. You can check out more of Fonki Cheff’s mixes on his Mixcloud page. 


45s, 7" vinyl, All 45s mix, All vinyl 45s, vinyl mix

25ThC Mix for The Forty Five Kings

Hot off the heels of his 7×7″ reggae mix 25ThC is back with an all 45s’ hour long mix for The Forty Five Kings incorporating 31 tracks spanning Reggae, Dub, Hip Hop, Funk, Latin, Rock, DNB, Acid and Swing. If you like your 45s make sure you join the group.


45s, 7" vinyl, All 45s mix, All vinyl 45s, Mixes

25ThC 7×7″ Vinyl Mix – Reggae 1

25ThC’s first 7×7″ vinyl mix of 2020 is an all reggae affair featuring some new and classic tracks from Hollie Cook, Sara Lugo & Kabaka Pyramid, Roy Panton, Half Pint, The Circle of Confusion & Cornell Campbell, Screechy Dan, and Red Rose and King Kong. As first played exclusively on The Premium Blend Radio Show on Hailsham FM on 30/01/2020

25ThC 7x7 Reggae 1