45s, 7" vinyl, Promo

Type 303 – Sticky Disko 7″

To celebrate their 10th release, 45 Live Records have taken a surprise turn in releasing a hip house/acid house 45.
The release is from Finnish producer Dan Kaipio aka Type-303. Pete Isaac – head honcho at 45 Live – managed to pick up the last copy of Type-303’s last record. This followed a recommendation by DJ Food who has been amassing a large collection of Acid House 45s.
Pete got in touch with Dan and asked him whether he would like to do a 45 for the label and the rest as they say is history.
Side A ‘Sticky Disko’ is a straight up ska acid bouncy floor filler. It will bring back fond memories from the the early UK rave scene for those of a certain age.
Side B ‘ Analog Acidbath’ does exactly what it says on the tin. A funky heavy layered 303 workout for the dancefloor.
We were lucky enough to pick up one of the super limited edition psychedelic and transparent version before they sold out. There are a few copies of the black vinyl available but don’t hang around. Both releases come housed in a lovely full colour sleeve.

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