Batunga & The Subprimes – Gates of Ouantou 7″

In its first month 2020 has already seen many quality 7″ releases. Here comes another from a label we love – Matsuana Records. 
The label generally focuses on re-releasing lost treasures. But more recently they have been putting out more contemporary tracks. This time around they feature two contemporary tracks by Paris based Afrobeat band Batunga & The Subprimes.
The band were founded in 2009 by musicians from different backgrounds. They were brought together by a will to mix African music Latin, Jazz, and even Rock. They have brought this explosive mix to many shows across Europe and beyond.
2017 saw them self-release their first album ‘Man in the Field’ (2017), followed by their EP ‘Let dem In’ in late 2019. Matasuna has chosen two cuts from these to release on vinyl for the first time.
Gates Of Ouantou, from the EP, has the ingredients for a timeless Afrobeat classic. The arrangement, instrumentation and interplay of the musicians immediately draw you into its spell
Man in the Field on the flip is from the album. It unusually features banjo in an Afrobeat song but this fits in very well. It also shows that classical structures can be broken up and developed in a new approach/context. 
All Matsuana’s releases sell out quickly so pick up a copy or two now. 



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Choi feat. Guilty Simpson – Hip Hop Saved My Life 7″

Choi records out of Melbourne have started 2020 with a bang with their debut Hip Hop 45 release. Produced by Choi of the superb group The Traffic and featuring the legendary Guilty Simpson.
Side A is the original mix of the track. A chugging old school beat interspersed with a lovely horn sample, scratches and a switched up chorus. Guilty Simpson’s flow is perfectly placed over the top and he never fails to impress with his rhymes.
Side B features the Space Remix which is slower paced (90 bpm). Heavy bass, crunchy drums and synth lines keep you head nodding throughout.
We can’t wait to see what else the label has up its sleeves this year.
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Type 303 – Sticky Disko 7″

To celebrate their 10th release, 45 Live Records have taken a surprise turn in releasing a hip house/acid house 45.
The release is from Finnish producer Dan Kaipio aka Type-303. Pete Isaac – head honcho at 45 Live – managed to pick up the last copy of Type-303’s last record. This followed a recommendation by DJ Food who has been amassing a large collection of Acid House 45s.
Pete got in touch with Dan and asked him whether he would like to do a 45 for the label and the rest as they say is history.
Side A ‘Sticky Disko’ is a straight up ska acid bouncy floor filler. It will bring back fond memories from the the early UK rave scene for those of a certain age.
Side B ‘ Analog Acidbath’ does exactly what it says on the tin. A funky heavy layered 303 workout for the dancefloor.
We were lucky enough to pick up one of the super limited edition psychedelic and transparent version before they sold out. There are a few copies of the black vinyl available but don’t hang around. Both releases come housed in a lovely full colour sleeve.
45s, 7" vinyl

Skratch Bastid & Nick Bike – Stepchild 7″

Woah what a way to start 2020! Skratch Bastid one of our favourite DJ’s teams up with one of our favourite producers to release a new 7″. It comes with a great story to boot.
In his late teens Nick Bike was obsessed with Skratch Bastid’s mixtape CD “Satisfaction Guaranteed”. Within the mix was a rough edit called ‘Stepchild’. He begged Bastid to finish it for many, many years. Finally Bastid invited him to help get it going and the result is now here for everyone to enjoy.
Its a b-boy and dancer hit and DJ’s need to pick up doubles without delay.
The B-side features 2 tracks. First up is Bastid’s “BBQ Break” followed by “Hollywood Shack Up” which puts a twist on a familiar Kool and the Gang joint.
Check out Bastid’s instagram for a short video of him cutting up two copies of the record.


NIke BIke Skratch Bastid