7" vinyl, Music video

Hempolics new 7″ Single + Video

After a couple of great releases The Hempolics our favourite new UK reggae act are back with a brand new single “High and Gritty” and its superb. This will be getting a spin at our next gig. Their new album is just around the corner, but for now check the video and buy the single from their website http://www.hempolics.com

Record store day

Record Store Day 2017 releases announced 

The 10th Record Store Day is on 22 April 2017 and the releases have just been revealed. There are some choice 7″ records in the list that we will be hoping to pick up. Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement as to where we will be playing on RSD.


45s, 7" vinyl

Wicked flexidisks from Retro Respect Records 

Cassette tapes have recently been making a comeback but they are not the only throwback format currently doing the rounds. Labels are starting to offer their releases on the classic ultra thin colourful plastic flexidisk format. Back in the day you used to get them free attached to the front of music magazines. Today you can get brilliant remixes and edits from DJ-AL on Retro Respect Records. Catch us playing these out soon.